Nichiha’s well-made, attractive residential products are a smart way to refresh existing homes. Builders have come to understand 360 Exterior Solution is the winning choice when searching for quality residential exterior installations. Curb appeal never goes out of style and 360 Exterior Solutions will be with you every step of the way.


An excellent choice for commercial property. Nichiha rain screen system provides the best of both worlds, outstanding durability and eye catching attractiveness. Nichiha Rain Screen system provides your commercial property the professional look while keeping the bottom line satisfied. With a near endless variety of styles, the Nichiha rainscreen system is best in class from hundreds of options.


CI-System offers our clients a complete solution for rain screen needs. The CI-System delivers superior moisture control all the while providing an energy efficient solution. 360 Exterior Solution addresses one of the biggest challenges on modern construction sites: How to effectively work with thick insulation, cladding and maintaining thermal efficiency. CI-System's thoughtful design delivers ease of use, energy efficiency, and is friendly with building codes. 360 Exterior Solutions installers provide the professional know how to insure long lasting results.

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